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Owning a property is challenging yet highly rewarding! At CSH Inspections, Inc, we want to make this experience easier and more enjoyable. Our home inspector will help you understand your property’s condition and give you peace of mind. Know if your property is a safe place and find out if it is worth investing in a specific house. We are trained and certified to complete a wide range of services. All you have to do is call and ask for one that fits your needs.

We Do Residential & Commercial Inspections

Don’t Overlook Any Space

We have over 40 years of experience working with real estate agents, first-time home buyers, sellers, and investors alike! You can rely on us to detect hidden issues in even the hardest-to-reach spots. We won’t overlook any space and will be on the lookout for any damage that can threaten your safety and your investment. Our services are not exclusive to residential properties; you can also rely on us for various inspection services! Get a report after our visit and learn even more.

Get Information That Makes You Confident

Make Smart Decisions

Our home inspector is ready to help you make smart decisions! We have the necessary skills and certifications to guarantee that every area will get properly assessed. At CSH Inspections, Inc, we even check crawl spaces to uncover all hidden issues. If you are buying or selling your house, reach out to us and learn more about the property to get the best deal! We also help commercial property owners find out if their building is a safe place.

Our Inspection Services

Our background in construction will help you make sure your building is structurally sound.

Commercial/ Building Property Assessment

Discover unseen damage in your house with our comprehensive home inspection services.

Home Inspections

Promote safety and health in your workplace by complying with all standard safety regulations.

Other Inspection Services

Ensure your water is clean with a water quality test. We provide pool and spa inspections.

Water Inspections

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