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Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection Report

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WDI/ Termite Inspection
Termite inspection services in the Denver, Belmont and Charlotte, North Carolina area

Termites can eat through the foundation of a home and cause serious damage. Termite damage is extremely difficult to repair, and thus very expensive. Avoid paying for structural repairs down the road - call CSH Inspections, Inc. to find out if your home has a termite problem


The inspector at CSH Inspections, Inc. is certified to complete termite inspections in North and South Carolina and is registered through APEX Exterminating. You'll have a trustworthy and dedicated professional inspector on your side to identify any signs of termite infestation. Our inspector will check for:

  • Termite wings and other signs of colonization
  • Mud tubes near pipes and along the foundation
  • Wood damage and bits of mud inside of the wood

    If there are signs of a termite infestation, CSH Inspections, Inc. will direct you to a reliable termite control company. Contact us today and find out if your home is serving as fast food for termites.

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